Filename restrictions

Syncrify is a multi-platform backup solution allowing users to backup files on a Windows machine to Linux, Mac OS X or vice-versa. Although 98% of the filenames are compatible between these operating systems, you could run into problems if you encounter an incompatible file name.

Rules for files names are much more restrictive on Windows than on unix like operating systems, such as Linux and Mac OS X. For example, the following characters are perfectly fine to use in a file name when working on Linux and Mac but they are not allowed on Windows.
\ / : * ? " < > |
Additionally, Mac and Linux allow trialing spaces in file/folder names where as Windows does not. Therefore, the following path if fine on Linux but not a Windows:
Desktop/Important Documents /Annual Report.xls 
Notice the ending SPACE after the word "Documents " in the folder name.

Due to these restrictions, you may not be able to backup a Linux machine using Syncrify Client to a Syncrify Server running on Windows. If you anticipate such names on the source, consider using Linux for your Syncrify Server.


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