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Subject:Difference between Daily and Interval backup
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Difference between Daily and Interval backup

When scheduling backups, you have an option of selecting:

  • Daily
  • Interval


Users have to specify a time when choosing this type of schedule. Syncrify will attempt to run the actual backup as soon as the clock strikes the provided time. For example, if you chose to run a backup at 6 PM, the backup jobs will be started exactly at 6 PM.

Consider a scenario where the machine is turned off or is in sleep mode at 6 PM. In such case the backup will start running if the machine wakes up before midnight. It will NOT run if the machine is turned back on the following day. Therefore, the backup window for this particular job is from 6 PM to 11:59 PM every day.

It is important to keep in mind that Syncrify will not run a missed backup if the day is different, which is done by design to avoid running a backup at an unwanted time of the day.


An interval backup will always run as long as the time interval since the last backup has elapsed. Therefore, even if a machine is turned off or put in the sleep mode, a backup will run as soon as the machine is up and the time since last backup has elapsed.

User comments

Posted by Mat Burchett on 5/14/20 3:59 AM

The interval feature would be nice if you could set a daily time to start. So start at 9am and run every 60 minutes. Also if misses 9am start an option to start if schedule missed. Mat

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