Which OS is better to run Syncrify

Syncrify Server can be installed on many difference operating systems including Windows, Linux, Mac OS, BSD and Unix. Often users ask if there is a preferred OS for running Syncrify Server. The simple answer to this question is No. You pick the OS that your feel comfortable with.

Having said that, there are a few subtle differences between operations systems that you should keep in mind. The following table describes some pros and cons of installing Syncrify on different operating systems.

Operating systemProsCons
Windows Easier to use You should keep the following limitations in mind if you planning to run Syncrify server on Windows:
  • Restricted characters in file names - Windows does not allow some characters in their file names. These characters are / \ * : ? " < > |. This limitation has no effect if machines running Syncrify client is also running Windows. However, the system will not be able to backup files containing a ? if the client is running on Mac OS X or Linux.

  • Duplicate file names - Although most users are unaware, files on Windows have two names when the length is larger than 8 characters. Consider the following example:

    • Create a file called 123456789.txt
    • This file has two names: 123456789.txt and 123456~1.txt. The second name is hidden from users but can be viewed if you submit dir /x command via a Command Prompt.
    • Since there is already a file called 123456~1.txt, creating another file with this name results in an error even though the file is missing when viewed in File Explorer.
    • If 123456~1.txt is created prior to 123456789.txt, the OS will automatically use 123456~2.txt for the second file.
    • Problem arises if 123456789.txt is backed up before 123456~1.txt on the target machine. In this case there is already file called 123456~1.txt and it will not be able to create another file with the same name.
Linux/BSD Cost effective Requires experience with SSH and shell scripting
Mac Nice interface Not very cost effective to run a server that does not have any visual component
Unix Rock solid - designed for the enterprise Not very cost effective


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