Auto Encryption Key

On one hand encryption prevents unauthorized access to files. On the other hand, users could lock themselves out if they forget the encryption key.

Version 3.9 of Syncrify introduces a new concept of encrypting files with a system generated key. This key is automatically created on Syncrify Server and is stored in $INSTALL_DIR\config\encryption.key file. Syncrify will use this key to encrypt and/or decrypt files when needed.

Important Facts

  • If $INSTALL_DIR\config\encryption.key is missing, the server will create a new key
  • Server can never generate the same key twice
  • Consider backing up this file and keeping it in a safe place. You will need this key if you ever decide to move to a new server.

When Is This Key Used

This key is using in SyncriBox and the server is configured to encrypt data. Syncrify does not use this key when using Syncrify Client. Refer to the image below. configuration screenshot


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