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FIPS 140-2 Compliant Downloads

Note: FIPS compliant downloads are only available for 64-bit platforms and will not work with browsers that do not support TLS v1.3. Refer to this page for details.

Installation instructions

Follow the steps below to install SynaMan on a Microsoft Windows machine.
  • Log in as Administrator
  • Download the installer using the link you see above.
  • Extract the zipped file and run setup.exe
  • Towards the end of installation, the installer will install a new service for SynaMan and will start it in the back-ground. In future, use Windows services applet in the Control Panel to start and stop the service
  • Using your browser connect to http://localhost:6060

Follow the steps below to install SynaMan on a Linux machine.
  • Log in as root
  • Download the installer
  • Extract the tar file using the following command
    tar -xf SynaManLinux.tar
  • Ensure the permissions for is set as an executable. If not, use the chmode +x command to change its permission
  • Execute script by running the following command:
  • By default, the installation script will install the server in /opt folder. You can change this location to any other value if desired. Additionally, it will create necessary scripts in /etc/init.d/ folder so that the server comes up when you restart the machine.
  • Using your browser connect to http://localhost:6060. If you do not have GUI available on your Linux box, try connecting from a Windows machine by using the appropriate IP address in the URL. For example:

Follow the steps below to install SynaMan on any other platform including UNIX (Solaris, HP-UX, AIX), MacOSx and BSD.

IMPORTANT: Installation file for these platforms does not come with a JRE (Java Runtime Environment). Therefore, you will need to install a JRE before installing SynaMan. Additionally, java must be in your machine path.

If you are installing the server on Solaris or MacOSx, it is very likely that the JRE is already installed on the machine.

  • Log in as root
  • Download necessary files
  • Extract the tar file into any directory using the following command
    gunzip -c SynaManJava.tar.gz | tar -xvf -
  • Change the permissions on so that it becomes an executable by using the following command.
    chmod +x
  • Execute to start the server
  • Optionally, write a script to start the server when the machine restarts. Refer to the documentation for your platform to see how to run scripts at startup.
  • Using your browser connect to http://localhost:6060


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