Synametrics Virtual Machines

This page contains a virtual machine with 3 products:

The actual VM is based on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and is configured to have one 100GB hard drive.


You will one of the following:


Click here to download OVA file
MD5 Signature: 3849ccdc803d89a0b85177df4f5090d7
Approx. Size: 2.21GB

Importing the OVA file

Let's go ahead and start VirtualBox or VMWare Player.

Using VirtualBox
  • Go to File > Import Appliance...   [image]
  • Browse to the SynametricsProductsVM.ova file, then click Next   [image]
  • The default settings should be sufficient, so go ahead and click Import   [image]
  • After the Import has completed, you should see Syncrify01 included in your Virtual Machine list in VirtualBox.

Using VMWare Player
  • Go to Player > File > Open...   [image]
  • Name the VM and specify its Storage Path   [image]
  • If you are prompted with the following error, click Retry   [image]
  • Allow the import complete   [image]

Network Configuration

The downloaded machine does not have any NICs. Therefore, you will have to add one or more network cards to the machine. We recommend adding a Bridged Adapter, which is easier to work with than a NAT. Refer to the documentation of either VirtualBox or VMWare to see how to add network cards.

The host name of the machine is synavm01

User ID/Passwords

By default, a single user is created on the machine with the following credentials:
User ID
When performing administrative tasks, you may have to login as root. There is no password for the root account. However, you should be able to do:

sudo su

to login as root.

Connecting from a client machine

Once the VM is up, you should be able to connect from any other machine on the same network. Samba is pre-installed on the machine and therefore, you should be able to connect using its hostname, which is synavm01.

If the host name cannot be resolved, try logging in to console using the user id/password you see above, and run ifconfig to see the IP address, which gets assigned through a DHCP server.

Refer to the following table to determine the ports:
Product NameTCP/IP port
Following screenshot display the URL in a browser.


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