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Syncrify VM is a pre-built machine configured for Oracle Virtual Box, providing is a convenient way of testing the Syncrify Server's capabilities.


  • Download Oracle's Virtual Box either for Windows or Linux
  • Download SyncrifyVM.ova file (approx. 900 MB)
  • Import the downloaded SyncrifyVM.ova into Virtual Box. Click Import Appliance under File menu.

Running it the first time

  • Configure the network settings before starting the machine. Click SettingsNetwork and then set Adapter 1 to Bridged Adapter.
  • Start the Appliance
  • This will start the machine as a VM
  • Open a web browser on a different computer on the same network and try connecting to:


    If the browser does not recognize the name, try connecting using the IP address, which should be displayed on the Virtual Machine's console.

Important Information

This Virtual machine is based on Ubuntu Linux. The root password is secret010273

Repository Path

We recommend you create the repository path in /backup. The virtual machine has a built-in Samba Share for this path. This makes sharing files on a Windows machine very easy.


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