Email Recipients

Email addresses are typically used as the login ID in Syncrify. The same email address is also used as a recipient of the backup reports.

This default behavior can be modified. This page describes the priority and logic that determines the email address where backup reports are sent.
  • First priority - Users have an option of specifying an email address for the recipient under the Advanced tab. The value specified in this field gets the highest priority and reports will always be sent to this recipient.
  • Second priority - If the login ID is not an email address, the administrator can specify an address using the web interface of Syncrify Server. Modify any existing user to change this value. Note that you will see a field for email address only if the login ID is NOT a valid email and you are using build 812 or higher.
  • Third priority - Reports are sent to the email address used for login
  • Fourth priority - If the login ID is NOT a valid email address, the domain part of the email gets inherited from administrator's email. For example, if the login id is John and the administrator's email address is, a report will be sent to


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