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Document ID: 1580
Subject: Bandwidth throttling while performing backups in Syncrify
Creation date: 12/13/10 1:12 PM
Last modified on: 9/14/12 9:54 AM

Bandwidth Throttling in Syncrify

Starting from version 2.3, Syncrify supports bandwidth throttling. Desired bandwidth can be specified on a per-user basis. By default, no throttling occurs.

Do you really need throttling?

Often administrators want to throttle because they do not want clients uploading at max network speed, which can negatively affect other users. However, Syncrify is designed to minimize network traffic by just moving the delta. It is quite possible that a delta for a 100 MB file is just 2 MB therefore, small chunks of network traffic should not be throttled.

Throttling may be necessary when the files are copied the first time. However, we strongly recommend not enabling this feature for subsequent backups where the network traffic will be significantly less.

Steps to enable throttling

  • Log in to Syncrify web interface as 'admin'
  • Click on Manage Users
  • Click on the Modify link for the desired user
  • Specify a positive value greater than 0. This value is specified in Kilobytes per second. It is strongly recommend you do NOT specify a value less than 100.

WARNING: Throttling will significantly reduce the speed at which backups occur. For example a 500 MB backup that typically occurs in 6 minutes can easily take 1 hour if a bandwidth of 100 is specified. The lower the value, slower it will take to backup.

A value equal to or less than 0 will disable throttling.

User comments

Posted by Jason Ward on 1/6/13 9:35 PM

Can a policy be created, so sync' does not take place unless the user connects to their corporate lan ?

Posted by toffitomek on 11/12/12 8:23 AM

HI, Is it possible to specify what Interfaces will be used to transfer files? I would like to avoid transferring files over 3G cards for example. thanks :)

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