Cloud Snapshots with Syncrify

Starting version 4.4, Syncrify allows creating backup snapshots to public clouds. As of now you can create snapshots on:
  • Amazon S3
  • Google Storage
  • Microsoft Azure

Design Goal

The design goal of this feature is to create a backup of the backed up data to a public cloud. Backing up data to public cloud involves additional cost, which is typically based on two factors: amount of data stored and its access frequency. Keeping these in mind, the following features are added.

  • Ability to backup periodically. For example, you can create a snapshot on the cloud after every 10th backup
  • Ability to selectively pick profiles that are important enough for a snapshot on the cloud
Consider the following example:

  • Client A, B and C backup their files daily to a Syncrify Server, which is running inside company's LAN
  • One profile running on Client B contains important data to justify the cost incurred by cloud storage.
  • Administrators can decide just to backup files from Client B to an Amazon S3 Bucket. They can also set the backup frequency to 10, meaning a cloud snapshot will be taken after every 10th backup
  • End-user, who is the owner of Client B, can either view files using Syncrify Server's web interface or directly connect to Amazon S3 Bucket to access files.
  • Note: If encryption is used in Syncrify, files residing on Amazon will also be encrypted and must be manually decrypted.

Configuring Cloud Snapshots

Configuring cloud snapshots is a two-step process:

Step 1: Registering Cloud Service
Use the following steps to configure a cloud service. There is no limit on the number of services used.


  • Connect to the admin console as admin
  • Click Configuration and select Cloud Services by clicking the button for More Configuration Options on upper right hand corner.
  • Following cloud providers are supported:
  • Once services are added a summary will be displayed towards the bottom allowing administrators to test connection
Step 2: Associating Profiles
Next, you will need to associate one or more profiles to the newly created services in step 1. Following steps demonstrate how to accomplish this task.

  • Click Manage Users
  • Click View under the Profiles column for the desired user
  • Following page will display profiles belonging to this user. The last column, Action, contains an icon for cloud. See image below.

    A grey icon suggests no cloud snapshot is configured where as a red icon means snapshots are configured for this profile.
  • Click the Cloud icon
  • Select the desired Service Name. The names you see in this list come from the services you configured in Step 1 above.
  • Select a frequency for the snapshot.
    • 0 - means automatic snapshots are disabled. Administrators must create snapshots manually
    • 1 - means a snapshot will be taken after every backup
    • numbers higher than 1 signify the nth value. For example, if you specify 10, a snapshot will be taken after 10th backup.
  • Do not check the box for Backup Versions unless you use 1 for frequency. Click here for an explanation.
  • Finally, create Create

Reports Cloud Snapshot

A new report has been added to Syncrify showing a history of snapshots created on the cloud. Click Reports on the left panel to access this report.


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