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Document ID:3328
Subject:TEXT column display ASCII code in MySQL instead of actual value
Creation date:4/11/14 10:47 AM
Last modified on:12/13/18 12:13 PM

Text column does not display correctly

You have a table containing one or more columns where data type is TEXT and its data is not being displayed correctly in WinSQL. Instead of displaying the actual value, you see the ASCII code in the result.

Steps to reproduce

Create a table with the following script
    Column1 TEXT NOT NULL
Then, insert a row using the following query
INSERT INTO Test_Table ( Column1 ) VALUES ( 'a' )

Instead of seeing an "a" you see a number. Refer to the image on the right to see how the results look like in WinSQL.


This problem is caused by a bug in the ODBC driver. Refer to this page for a description.

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