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Subject:Limiting WinSQL to SELECT queries
Creation date:5/1/14 9:34 AM
Last modified on:12/12/18 2:36 PM

Limiting WinSQL to SELECT

Often users ask us if there is a way to restrict WinSQL to run only SELECT queries. A quick answer to this questions is No and there is a reason.

Data can be updated without writing UPDATE/DELETE queries explicitly. A good example is Stored Procedures. Therefore, it is not a good idea to restrict such queries in the front end.

The built-in user based security provided by the back-end database is the best way to grant and limit permissions to users. For example, revoke UPDATE/DELETE permission for the user who you want to run only SELECT queries. This way, regardless of which tool or front-end the user is using, he/she will always be restricted from mistakenly deleting or changing anything.

Even if WinSQL provided the ability to block UPDATES and DELETES, a smart user can always bypass such restrictions using either a different tool or writing a custom program. Therefore, the best way to restrict a user from running unwanted queries is the back-ends built in security mechanism.

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