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Document ID: 1296
Subject: Using timestamp data type in Oracle
Creation date: 4/14/10 5:20 PM
Last modified on: 12/13/18 12:20 PM

Timestamps in Oracle and ODBC

The ODBC driver for Oracle does not support TimeStamp data type. Click here for more information. This prevents users from submitting a query like below:


Trying to submit this query typically results in an error like:


As a workaround try using the WinSQL Oracle Wire Protocol driver that comes with WinSQL. This driver has the ability to bind a TimeStamp data type to a DATE type and can therefore, display the results correctly.

Following steps demonstrates how to accomplish this task.
  • Create a new ODBC DSN using WinSQL Oracle Wire Protocol Driver. Click here if you need help
  • Once the DNS is created, click on the Advanced tab and select Enable TimeStamp with Timezone

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