Syncrify beta v3.3

Thank you for helping us beta test the next version of Syncrify. Contact our support department ( if you do not have the download links for this version.

New features

  • Syncrify client runs as a Windows service. This feature is only available on Windows for the time being. Mac and Linux versions will be available in the future. Click here for more information.
  • Remote control - trigger a backup from Syncrify server's web interface. Click here for more information
  • Ability to delete files when direction is set to Two-way sync
  • Auto update client. When Syncrify server is upgraded to a new build, the client updates itself automatically without any human intervention

What to test

Windows Service
A service is automatically installed and set to run when Syncrify client is installed. You should see an entry for "Backup Monitoring Service" in the Services Window.

Telnet access:
Since the service runs in the background, there is no visual interface. However, you can connect to it using "Telnet" utility. Try running the following command:
telnet localhost 51110
Using this command you can confirm if the service is running.

If the service is not registered with the operating system, try running the following command:
C:\Program Files\Syncrify Backup Client\BMService -installService

Following command will uninstall the service.
C:\Program Files\Syncrify Backup Client\BMService -uninstallService

Remote Control
Ensure you are able to see remote clients through Syncrify server's web interface. Try clicking "Run now" next to any profile to see if a backup is triggered. Note that it could take up to a minute for the backup to start.

Deleting files in two-way sync
You will need multiple client machines to test this feature. Use the same profile name and user id on more than one machine. Prior to v3.3 it was not possible to delete files when direction was set to Two-way sync. v3.3 can remove files from every node when one client deletes it.

Important: Following information should be kept in mind when using Two-way sync as direction:
  • Delete retention period gets disabled when using Two-way sync.
  • Files cannot be modified on the server. Every file (new or existing) must be modified using Syncrify client and should be pushed to the server. If files are modified on the server, they won't get synchronized correctly with the clients.
  • When files are deleted the corresponding file will be deleted from the server along with any previous versions.

Auto updating client
This feature cannot be tested until you first install build 665 or newer. From there onwards, you upgrade the server and clients should get updated automatically. Note that this only works on Windows and when Remote Control is enabled.


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