Comparing Syncrify with FTP

FTP or File Transfer Protocol is often used to backup files. FTP is designed to transfer files to a remote machines and it does that very fast. However, using a complete backup system must support features other than simple file transfers. This page demonstrate features that are available in Syncrify but cannot be done by FTP.

Feature Syncrify FTP
Scheduling Yes, with built-in scheduler Yes, with scripting and scheduler provided by OS
In-flight Encryption with SSL when combined with SFTP or FTPS
At-rest Encryption Yes, built-in No
Delta File Transfer - rsync Yes. Will only transfer modified blocks within a file, saving significant bandwidth No. Will always transfer entire file, even if a single byte is modified
File Versions Yes and will keep previous versions as delta, saving tremendous disk space No
Delete Retention Yes, will retain deleted files even if they are deleted from the source. Click here for details. No
Mobile Access Yes, view backed up files from any iOS, Android or Windows Mobile No
Ransomware Prevention Yes. Click here for details No
Synchronizing multiple machines Yes, using SyncriBox No
Sharing large files Yes, using SyncriBox No.
Extensive Reporting Yes, several built-in reports help administrators exactly what is backed up and alerts when something goes wrong No
Backup opened and locked files Yes, with built-in support for VSS No
Plugins yes, plugins for SQL Server, MySQL, Exchange and Bare Metal included No.


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