Monitoring a running backup job

Syncrify offers several ways to monitor an active backup job, which can be done from both client and server's end.

Client-side Checking status in Syncrify Client

Method 1 - Using the Status Viewer application

The Status Viewer is a small application running in the task bar of Windows. This application is designed to be used by end-user to quickly see the status of a running job. This application is available on Microsoft Windows and on Mac OS X. Learn more...

Method 2 - Using a Telnet Client

This method is designed to be used by administrators to looking inside a running job. It provides a deeper view of what exactly a running job is doing at a given time. It also provides a way to abort a job. Learn more

Server-side Checking status in Syncrify Server

Method 1 - Using web interface

Login using the admin account to the Syncrify server's web interface. The main page will display a list of active jobs. Click the binocular icon next to a running job to see details.

Server jobs backup job monitoring

Method 2 - Using a Telnet Client

Similar to Syncrify Client, you can use a Telnet client to peek into the running process of Syncrify Server. Learn more


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