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Subject: Daisy Chain Backup
Creation date: 3/8/18 6:00 AM
Last modified on: 12/11/18 3:08 PM

Daisy Chain Backup

Companies that offer backup services to your client often want to create two sets of backups. One that is closer to the machines that need to be backed up and second across the Internet.

Consider the following scenario

In this scenario, three machines backup to a central server on the same LAN. A second copy of the backup is made across the Internet to a server running on your end.

Design Typology

  • Syncrify Client is installed on Client A, Client B and Client C, which will backup data to Server S1 running a Syncrify Server on the same LAN.
  • Besides running Syncrify Server, Server S1 is also running a Syncrify Client, which connects to a Syncrify Server running on Server S2
  • Essentially, data is backed up twice. Once on Server S1 and then again on Server S2


You will need 4 Syncrify licenses in the above example. Three license for Client A, B and C and fourth license for Server S1.

Alternate Strategy

If the network between Server S1 and Server S2 is fast, consider setting them up as Master/Slave as described here.

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