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Subject: Changing the subject line for public links in SynaMan
Creation date: 1/17/11 9:34 AM
Last modified on: 11/6/18 3:25 PM

Changing subject line for public links

Follow the steps below to change the subject line for the email that is generated for public links.
  • Locate the installation folder for SynaMan. On Windows, the default location is C:\SynaMan and on Linux it is /opt/SynaMan
  • Using any text editor, open AppConfig.xml file for modification. We recommend creating a backup file in case you need to rollback
  • Add two lines, similar to the lines below.

    <parameter name="publicLinkUploadSubject" type="1" value="Upload files to my machine"></parameter>
    <parameter name="publicLinkDownloadSubject" type="1" value="Download files to my machine"></parameter>

    Put your customized subject within the value tag.

    The following image display the file before modification.

    The following image display the file after the change.

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