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Document ID: 1123
Subject: Binding SynaMan HTTP server to a specific IP address
Creation date: 12/3/09 9:38 AM
Last modified on: 5/31/11 5:59 PM

Binding SynaMan HTTP server to one IP

Often servers have more than one IP address on a machine allowing administrators to install more than one application that listens on the same port but different IP address.

Consider the following scenario. Your machine has the following IP addresses:
You want SynaMan to listen on and another server, such as Microsoft IIS, listen on You want both of them to serve on port 80, which is the default HTTP port.

In technical terms, this is called IP binding. Follow the steps below to bind SynaMan's HTTP server to a particular IP address on your machine.

  1. Login to the web interface as admin.
  2. Click Advanced Configuration under Quick Links on the right hand side.
  3. Select the tab for Additional Parameters
  4. Select an IP Address from the Binding IP field
  5. Click Apply to save
  6. Restart SynaMan

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