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Subject:Starting and stopping SynaMan
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Starting and stopping SynaMan

Depending upon the host operating system, the steps for starting and stopping are different.

Microsoft Windows

SynaMan is installed as a Service on Windows. Therefore, to stop or stop, go to Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Services and perform the appropriate action.

Additionally, SynaMan comes with a Service Manager application on Windows that you can use to start/stop the server.


Use the following scripts:

  • /etc/init.d/synaman start - to start synaman
  • /etc/init.d/synaman stop - to stop synaman


Double click application to run. Use the generic way to stop it. See below

Other UNIX platforms

Execute script to start SynaMan. You can stop it by sending a kill command or use the generic way to stop. See below

Generic way of stopping SynaMan

This method can be used on any operating system, provided following conditions are met:
  • You must login as Admin
  • You must be logged in from the localhost
Type the following URL in your browser to stop SynaMan.

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