October 3rd, 2023, SynaMan Version 5.5 is released.

Millstone NJ - Synametrics Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of innovative IT solutions, is thrilled to announce the release of the latest version of SynaMan - Version 5.5. This latest update represents a significant step forward in the world of secure file sharing and data management.

SynaMan is the ultimate on-premises file-sharing solution, ensuring 100% data security while seamlessly adhering to your organization's policies. Robust authentication measures and comprehensive logging guarantee user accountability and transparency. It offers the flexibility of hosting your data on your private cloud, giving you complete control and peace of mind in today's dynamic IT landscape. Choose SynaMan for a secure, compliant, and user-friendly file-sharing experience. Through the release of SynaMan version 5.5, Synametrics Technologies, Inc. reaffirms its dedication to providing robust and user-friendly solutions that cater to today's ever-changing IT environment.

Features of SynaMan Version 5.5 (Build 1625):

  • Quick Share : Offers an efficient solution for rapid file sharing within your organization. It simplifies the process by automatically storing files on the server without the need for users to specify a particular folder. Additionally, Quick Share generates shareable public URLs for files, making it effortless for both in-house and external users to access and download shared data. Files shared through Quick Share are automatically deleted when the link expires, ensuring sensitive information remains protected and reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

  • Disk Quotas for Shared Folders: SynaMan version 5.5 introduces the ability to assign disk quotas to shared folders. This feature empowers administrators to manage and allocate storage resources efficiently, promoting more organized and streamlined data sharing. For more information about these features, please click here.

  • Enhanced Security with MD5 Signature Verification: SynaMan Command Line Interface (CLI) users can now specify a "-verify" parameter, guaranteeing the validity of uploaded files. By comparing MD5 signatures, this added layer of security ensures data integrity throughout the file transfer process.

  • Streamlined Single Sign-On (SSO) Control: This feature offers greater flexibility in managing SSO configurations, with an option to temporarily disable SSO for maintenance purposes.

Synametrics Technologies, Inc. remains committed to continuous improvement, and SynaMan version 5.5 exemplifies this dedication to providing our customers with innovative and reliable solutions for their IT needs. SynaMan version 5.5 is now available and offers a host of new features designed to simplify file management, enhance security, and streamline operations. Users are encouraged to upgrade to take full advantage of these exciting new features.

For more information on the new version features listed above, as well as an entire version history of SynaMan, please click here.

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Synametrics Technologies, Inc. stands at the forefront of innovation in the realm of IT solutions. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we have consistently delivered cutting-edge technology solutions that empower businesses to thrive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. Our flagship product, SynaMan, exemplifies our dedication to providing powerful, user-friendly solutions that address the unique challenges faced by businesses worldwide.

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