Upgrading to SynaMan 4.0

SynaMan 4.0 bring a completely redesigned user interface. This interface is designed from the ground up therefore, every page looks drastically different from the previous versions. Version 4.0 will be available around December 07, 2017.

If you are using the Total Branding, you should download the new installer from the links below and try branding SynaMan. We recommend installing SynaMan on a test machine to ensure Total Branding works as expected.

Download links

Disabling Auto-Updates

SynaMan is designed to update itself when a newer version is available. If you feel you will not be able to test Total Branding before December 07, 2017, you may want to disable the Auto-Update feature in SynaMan using the following steps:
  • Stop SynaMan
  • Locate AppConfig.xml file in INSTALL_DIR\config folder. By default, this folder is located on C:\SynaMan on Windows and /opt/SynaMan on Linux.
  • Modify AppConfig.xml in any editor. Search for a parameter called AutoUpdate and set its value to false. Add this parameter if it is missing. The final line should look like:
    <parameter name="AutoUpdate" type="4" value="false"></parameter>
  • Save the file and restart SynaMan
  • Contact our support department if you need help

Other Features

Besides a newly designed user interface, version 4.0 will contain:


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