Disk Quota Home Folder

Enterprise Edition

This feature is available in the Enterprise Edition only
Starting version 4.0, administrators can assign a quota for user's home folder. Quotas are assigned using two methods:

  1. Individually - Click the Modify for the desired user in User Management screen. Specify a value for Home Quota. See image below.

  2. Collectively - Click the button for Manage Quota under User Management. Besides displaying a summary of quota assigned to every user, this screen allows administrators to:
    • Specify default quota, which affects the value of quota when new users are created
    • Assign a quota to every existing user, which is a quick way to change quota for every user
    • Define what happens when a user goes beyond their quota

Important Note

SynaMan does not abruptly end a file that is being uploaded if it causes the user's disk usage goes beyond allocated quota. This is done by design to avoid file corruption.


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