Fixing Incorrect Timezone in SynaMan

SynaMan tries to obtain the current timezone value from the operating system. If for any reason it is not able to do that, it will assume GMT timezone, which could result in incorrect time in every log file.

Checking Timezone Configuration

Use the following steps to see the current value for timezone.

  • Log in to SynaMan's web interface using the admin account
  • Click About. This will change the URL of your browser to something like https://yourHost/app?operation=about
  • Change the operation from about to sinfo. The resultant URL should look like https://yourHost/app?operation=sinfo
  • Search for user.timezone on the page. Does that value match with your locale? If not, you need to change it.

Changing Timezone Manually

  • Using Windows Explorer locate the installation folder (refereed as $INSTALL_DIR) for SynaMan. On Linux, use SSH to navigate to the $INSTALL_DIR.
  • Go to $INSTALL_DIR\config folder and look for file.
  • Create a new file if missing
  • Enter the following line:
  • Get a list of valid timezones from this page.
  • Restart SynaMan after modifying


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