Extended Configuration - server.properties

To avoid cluttering the web interface, some configurable parameters cannot be modified through the web interface of SynaMan/Syncrify. These additional parameters are stored in a file called server.properties, which is stored in $INSTALL_DIR\config folder.

This file is not present when you first install SynaMan/Syncrify. Therefore, you may have to create a new file if you're asked by our support department to enter a parameter in this file. The contents of this file are in plain text.

Ensure the name of the file is server.properties and not service.properties or server.properties.txt

Values are entered in the following format:
# Lines starting with a # sign are ignored and can be used for user comments
# Parameter name appears on the LHS of equal sign, whereas the value appears on the RHS.
# For example:
parameter.two=Another Value


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