Introducing SynaMan Version 4.5

Monroe, NJ - Synametrics Technologies, Inc., a New Jersey-based solutions provider for IT professionals and computer systems developers, has release a major update of SynaMan Version 4.5.

Synametrics Technologies is now introducing an upgraded tool for transferring files without the interruption from third party providers. SynaMan Version 4.4 allows users to share large files with colleagues without needing to sacrifice their security and privacy. Whether youíre looking to accesses folders on the go or send large attachments via email, SynaManís intuitive web interface is able to support your business needs while ensuring your privacy is maintained as you browse, edit, update, and share files anywhere and at any time.

SynaManís most recent updates allow for a greater sense of security along with the debunking of common bugs that will ensure success as files are shared effortlessly and limitlessly. Version 4.5 allows for users to utilize a search feature to quickly gather files and easily access documents with limited struggle and search time. Along with this, other security threats have been disabled and users now have the ability to reset forgotten passwords. Security, sufficiency, and success are SynaMan Version 4.5ís top priorities.

The following list features all new aspects that will be included with the upgraded version of SynaMan:

  • Ability to Search Files Details...
  • Ability to reset forgot passwords, rather than sending the password via email, which was not secure.
  • Security Fix: HTTP redirection is forced after adding a new user, prevent someone from hitting the back button to reveal passwords.
  • Security Fix: A vulnerability (CVE-2019-8331) was fixed.

As an added bonus to this latest upgrade, Synametrics Technologies is showing their support to all those suffering from the recent threat of COVID-19 by releasing SynaMan for FREE until August 1st. For more details on how to receive this free promotion and make your file share experience easier, please visit:

About Synametrics Technologies

Headquartered in Monroe, NJ, Synametrics Technologies has provided IT professionals and computer systems developers since 1997. Based on the success of their initial product offerings (WinSQL and DeltaCopy), the company continues to create and hone innovative products that help its customers get more from their computer applications, databases and infrastructure. To date, over one million users around the world have chosen Synametrics solutions to help power their accelerated business or personal computing needs.


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