Definition of a Site license

A site license for WinSQL is designed for companies that have more than 30 users. The following rules apply when you purchase a site license.
  • It covers up to 100 users. You only pay for the first 30 users. The remaining 70 users are free.
  • If you have more than 100 users, multiple site licenses can be purchased.
  • A site license is associated with one company, excluding any parent or subsidiary company.

Frequently asked questions about a Site license

Question: Where can we install a site license?
Answer: You can install a site license on any machine that is owned by the licensee company. This includes workstations, servers and laptops. It cannot be installed on machines that are NOT owned by the company. For example, laptop belonging to a temporary consultant does not qualify for a site license.

Additionally, you have to ensure that the total number of machines does not exceed 100.

Question: Can we install a site license at multiple physical locations?
Answer: Yes. As long as the machine is owned by the company you can install WinSQL on it - physical location does not matter.

Question: How do you define a company?
Answer: By its federal tax id. If two organizations have a different tax id each should get a separate site license. Click here to read more about federal tax id.

Although the federal tax id is a concept used in the United States, users in other countries should refer to the laws in their respective countries.

Question: How many serial numbers do I get when I purchase a site license?
Answer: Just one. Every users uses the same serial number.


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