What's new in version 4.6

Many new features and updates to existing features have been added in Version 4.6. These changes are listed below

Insert Statement Wizard

  • Generate INSERT statements from a table or any SQL query. Click here for more information.

  • Insert Wizard Options

    SQL2Code Wizard

  • Convert SQL statements to C-Sharp, Visual Basic or Java code.
  • SQL Formatter

  • Format your SQL statements with a mouse click

  • Extended copy
    Extended copy allows programmers to copy SQL code in:

    • Rich Text - Copy formatted code from WinSQL and paste it in MS Word or any other application
    • HTML Text - Generate HTML script for SQL code in WinSQL and paste it in any HTML document
    The following is an example code generated by WinSQL and pasted in this HTML document.
    ** Retrieve the owner object(s) of a given property
    create procedure dbo.dt_getobjwithprop
    @property varchar(30),
    @value varchar(255)
    set nocount on

    if (@property is null) or (@property = '')
    raiserror('Must specify a property name.',-1,-1)
    return (1)

    if (@value is null)
    select objectid id from dbo.dtproperties
    where property=@property

    select objectid id from dbo.dtproperties
    where property=@property and value=@value

    Enhanced Threading
    Many low-level changes have been made in this version of WinSQL that allows it to optimally run on a multi-CPU machine.

    Enhanced Editor
    Several enhancements have been made in the SQL editor, which includes:

    • Gutter area
    • Line numbers in gutter
    • Bookmarks

    ODBC Drivers

    Data Direct's ODBC drivers are now bundled with the Developer and Professional version at no extra charge. For details about these drivers visit


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