What's new in version 4.0

Many new features and updates to existing features have been added in Version 4.0. These changess are listed below

DSN Less connections

Now you do not need to create a DNS in the ODBC manager in order to connect to a database in WinSQL. Simply select "Specify connection string" check the box and specify a connection string. If you are not sure what string to provide, leave the connection string blank and WinSQL will prompt you for a DNS. Next time you try to connect the connection string will be filled for you.

Did you know that you DO NOT need to install Microsoft Access in order to use an MS Access database? You can create an .MDB file from ODBC Driver Manager and then use that file in WinSQL to issue SQL Queries. The default connection string is set to Microsoft MS Access. This makes connections to MS Access very easy.

Enhanced result grid

  • Double a row header to quickly sort the results in ascending order. Double clicking it again will change the sorting order
  • Double click the top-left cell to automatically resize the grid
  • Click the right mouse button to access the pop-up menu

    Query Workbook
    If you create more than one query page, you can save all of them in a workbook. This allows you to quick open all the query pages at a later time.

    Inline results (WinSQL Professional only)

    Now results can be displayed in the same window as query tab. This is an optional feature and can be switched to a separate tab to mimic the functionality of earlier versions.

    SQL Code Templates (WinSQL Professional only)
    Code templates allows you to replace certain code snippets with actual queries. Using this features you can write queries like:

    DESCRIBE tableName

    in Oracle to mimic the functionality exposed by SQL Plus. Note that the DESCRIBE command is not part of PL/SQL and is only available in SQL Plus.

    Code templates are implemented through WinSQL Plugins and if you need to add any other template you will need to modify the Template XML file.

    Enhanced Query Wizard (WinSQL Professional only)

    The new and enhanced SQL Wizard now includes:

  • Automatic relationship recognition
  • Visual indication of One-To-Many relationship
  • LEFT and RIGHT join
  • Support for SQL92 standards

    Click here for further details. Due the major enhancements in the Query Wizard, this feature is now only available in WinSQL Professional.

    Two way DB Diff (WinSQL Professional only)

    In the earlier versions users had to explicitly run the Database Diff wizard to compare both databases with each other. Now this is done by WinSQL. Both results are displayed side-by-side for better comparison.

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