What's new in version 5.0

Existing users will see tremendous change in the user interface as well as a rich set of new features. These features are listed below.

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Manage Relationships

  • Easily see relationships between tables with just one click
  • Display both remote and local relationship
  • Remote relations are drawn in black and local in red
  • Manage Relationships

    Local Relationships

    Besides the foreign key constrains on your back-end database, WinSQL now allows you to create local relationships between tables. Local relationships are only available within WinSQL and does not rely on the foreign key constraints on the database.

    With local relationships you can:

    • Define relationships on databases that do not support foreign keys, such as plain text files, or MS Excel spread sheets
    • Create new relationships besides the ones that already exists
    Note that many database designers choose not to define foreign key constraints on their database even if their back-end RDBMS supports it. They do this to speed up the runtime environment. In such cases local relationships come in real handy.

    Why are relationships important?

    Many features in WinSQL rely on relationships among tables. For instance WinSQL can:
    • Create automatic JOIN statements in Intelli Tip and SQL Wizards
    • Display Drill Down data
    • Pull appropriate data during test data generation

    Drill Down Results

    When you run SELECT statement containing a table with either local or remote relationship, WinSQL can display related records with a single mouse click.
    Drill Down

    WinSQL will automatically run the necessary SELECT statement to pull data from the associated table and display the results in another tab Drill Down

    Drill Down data is also available while browsing data through the catalog tab. If there are more than one tables associated to a primary key, you get a pop-up menu that allows you to pick the desired table.
    Drill Down

    Query History

    Easily see and run queries that you have executed in the past. Historic queries are displayed in a different tab and provide following capabilities.
    • Displays type of query, SQL statement, execution time, execution duration and number of rows returned
    • Optionally, queries can be persisted to disk, making this data available even after a restart
    • By default displays last 50 queries
    • Easily run any query from the history list or copy the script to clipboard

    SQL Explain

    Return the execution plain for any statement from the database. This feature is currently available for the following database.
    • IBM DB2
    • MS SQL Server
    • Oracle
    • Sybase
    • MySQL

    DDL Scripting Wizard

    A new DDL scripting wizard allows you to choose database objects and reverse engineer their scripts.

    Enhanced Database Plugins

    New plugins for are included for:
    • Mimer SQL
    • Netezza
    Besides, all existing plugins for other database are updated to fetch more database specific data.

    Grid result export

    Easily export grid results to local files

    Administrative Tasks

    Several new administrative tasks has been added. Most of these tasks are database specific and may not be available for all databases. Here is a partial list of tasks.
    • Database specific DDL generation, including primary and foreign keys
    • Index rebuilding
    • New index wizard
    • Update STATISTICS on tables
    • Create new users/logins
    • Backup database
    • New sequence wizard
    • New synonym wizard

    Local Configuration

    WinSQL stores all configuration settings to a local file rather than Windows registry allowing remote installation. All configration parameters are now stored in WinSQL.conf file in the same folder where WinSQL.exe is installed

    Enhanced User Interface

    Most prominent difference in version 5.0 is the interface. Many subtle changes have been made to make the user's experience friendlier than ever before. Some of these changes are:
    • Login password persistence with data encryption
    • Alternate grid row coloring for result sets
    • Easy switching between grid and text result set
    • Driver names in connection window
    • Display SQL strings for result set


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