What's new in version 4.7

Many new features and updates to existing features have been added in Version 4.7. These features are listed below

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  • Include latest ODBC drivers

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Intelli Tips (WinSQL Professional only)

  • Bring up catalog tip as you type queries
  • Provides a list of tables and fields
  • Automatically create JOIN statements
  • Recognizes aliases in FROM clause
  • Recognizes columns in SELECT statement that are used in GROUP BY/ORDER BY statements
  • Intelligently displays either table or field view by analyzing the current query
  • Intelli tips Intelli tips
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    Editable result sets (WinSQL Professional only)

    Result sets are now editable, provided following criteria is met
    • Results are printed in Grid
    • Only one table is involved in the SELECT query
    • No functions are used in the SELECT clause
    • Primary key of the table is included in the resultset
    Editable resultsets Editable resultsets
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    Grid Search

    • Search the contents of a result set displayed in a Grid.
    • Specify the columns you wish to search within
    • Specify search direction

    Editable resultsets

    Database switching

    Switch the current database without specifying a different DSN. This is a useful feature if you are using Sybase, MS SQL Server, MySQL or similar RDBSM

    Customized Shortcuts
    Define your own shortcuts by using the shortcut wizard

    Enhanced Query Wizard (WinSQL Professional only)

    The new and enhanced SQL Wizard now includes:

  • Automatic relationship recognition
  • Visual indication of One-To-Many relationship
  • LEFT and RIGHT join
  • Support for SQL92 standards
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