Live demo

We feel the best way for you to see how SynTail works is to see it live. Therefore, we have installed SynTail on a demo machine allowing you to connect to it over the Internet.

Keep the following points in mind when viewing this demo.
  • The user ID for this demo is and the password is demo
  • We have created a dummy program that is constantly writing to 3 files, allowing you to see the tail part of these files.
  • There are two aspects of Syntail:
    • Administrator's view
    • Normal user's view
    This demo exposes the Normal user's view. In order to see the Administrator's view, you will have to download SynTail and install it on your machine. Click here to see a few images showing the screen when you connect as admin
  • To prevent a heavy load on our demo machine, your client session will be terminated after 5 minutes.


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