JaySQL A Universal Database Tool for JDBC

JaySQL is a "must have" utility for DBAs and programmers who deal with databases. It empowers them to be more productive by providing an intuitive tool that can talk to any database through ODBC.
Main Features:
  • 100% Java Compatible
  • Support for multiple operating systems including Windows, Linux, Solaris, MAC and more...
  • Same look and feel as WinSQL

How it works

It's simple. JaySQL can talk to any database for which you have a JDBC driver. Most of the databases today come with a JDBC driver and usually, it is free.

There are four types of JDBC driver:
  • Type 1 - JDBC-ODBC Bridge
  • Type 2 - A native API party Java enabled
  • Type 3 - Pure Java for database middleware
  • Type 4 - Wire protocol pure Java
JaySQL talks to the JDBC driver through an enhanced built-in Driver Manager. The Driver converts generic JDBC calls into database-specific requests and sends it to the back-end server. The server computes the results and sends them back to JaySQL through the driver.


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