November, 7th, 2023, Xeams Version 8.9 is released

Millstone, NJ - Synametrics Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of innovative IT solutions, is excited to announce the release of its latest Xeams - Version 8.9. This latest release represents a notable advancement in email security and management, offering organizations enhanced capabilities to defend against email threats and optimize email operations.

Xeams (eXtended Email And Messaging Server) offers a comprehensive email security solution to counter the growing complexity of email-based threats, including spam, malware, phishing, and ransomware. In the face of the increasing number of cyber threats, organizations need a robust defense mechanism to protect their sensitive information and maintain a secure digital environment. With its end-to-end encryption feature, Xeams ensures that your emails remain confidential and accessible only to their intended recipients, effectively preventing IP leakage and safeguarding your network from potential threats. Furthermore, Xeams employs clustering to provide high availability and load balancing, ensuring uninterrupted service, even during peak usage or server failures. Xeams' advanced junk mail filtering keeps your inbox free from spam, allowing you to concentrate on essential messages without distractions. Additionally, Xeams automatically archives all incoming and outgoing emails, enabling organizations to search and retrieve past messages as needed effortlessly.

The latest Xeams version, 8.9, introduces some exciting features, including the ability to detect emojis in email subject lines. This is made possible through a new custom filter, offering enhanced content filtering to bolster security. Furthermore, the latest update includes a Country filter , which allows you to assign scores to emails based on the countries they pass through before reaching Xeams. This feature operates in two modes: the Default mode, where you can set scores to specific countries, and the Inverted mode, which whitelists a select few countries while assigning scores to the rest. For organizations, especially smaller ones that rarely receive foreign emails, using language filters also offers an effective tool.

In addition to the features mentioned above, other notable enhancements include:

  • Search for Associated Email Addresses: Xeams now facilitates the search for associated email addresses when looking for specific users. This feature streamlines user management and provides a more intuitive user experience.

  • Improved SSL Certificate Logging with MTA-STS: Enhanced logging capabilities make it easier to identify issues with SSL certificates when MTA-STS (Mail Transfer Agent-Strict Transport Security) is enabled, ensuring a higher level of security and trust in email communications.

  • Diagnostic Check - Inbound: The Inbound Diagnostic Check has been significantly improved, offering administrators a more robust tool for identifying and addressing potential issues in the email delivery process.

  • Message Repository: Xeams now displays emails stored in the Message Repository according to the user's timezone. This improvement ensures users can easily access and manage their messages in their preferred time settings, enhancing overall user convenience.

  • Outbound Statistics Report: A new report, "Outbound Statistics," has been added to Xeams, providing users with valuable insights into the number of outbound messages sent by individual users. This feature enables better monitoring and analysis of email usage patterns.

Synametrics Technologies is committed to delivering advanced email security and management solutions. With these new features and enhancements, Xeams is a valuable tool for organizations seeking to protect their email infrastructure, improve user experiences, and achieve greater control over their email communications.

For more information about this update and the complete version history for Xeams, please click here.

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Synametrics Technologies is a trusted name in the realm of enterprise software solutions. As a customer-centric company, they are committed to driving innovation and enhancing the IT landscape for businesses, regardless of size. Synametrics Technologies takes pride in its diverse product portfolio, engineered to streamline intricate IT operations and boost productivity. At the forefront of their offerings stands Xeams, a game-changer in email management that provides a holistic approach to email security, filtering, and automation. With a proven track record of excellence, Synametrics Technologies continues to empower businesses with cutting-edge solutions that make a difference.

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