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Subject:IBM Informix Driver crashes when calling SQLGetInfo method
Creation date:6/16/17 7:04 AM
Last modified on:12/14/18 11:48 AM

WinSQL 10 Crashes when connecting Informix


WinSQL 10 crashes when using it with IBM Informix ODBC Driver. This can be reproduced by using WinSQL 10.0.x.x and IBM Informix Driver version 4.10.TC2DE


Since both WinSQL and the DLL for the ODBC driver are loaded in the same memory space, a bug/crash in the ODBC driver will appear as if the front-end application (WinSQL in this case) is crashing.

The actual error occurs when WinSQL calls the SQLGetInfo() method in the ODBC DLL with SQL_KEYWORDS as a parameter.

Click here for a small video demonstrating this behavior. This video uses an ODBC driver testing utility which comes with Microsoft ODBC SDK.


There are a few workarounds:
  1. SkipKeywords.txt - Open WinSQL and do not connect to any database. Click Open Data Folder under File menu. This will open WinSQL's Data Folder. Create a new text file called SkipKeywords.txt. Ensure the file name is SkipKeywords.txt and not SkipKeywords.txt.txt, which commonly occurs when known file extensions are hidden in Windows File Explorer.
  2. Different Driver - Use the WinSQL Informix WireProtocol Driver instead of using IBM's Driver. This driver is included with WinSQL Standard and Professional. You will not be able to use this with WinSQL Lite
  3. Upgrade to a newer build of the ODBC driver - Refer to this link on IBM's website. Please note that we have not tested a newer version of the driver and therefore, cannot confirm if the problem is fixed. Moreover, this link suggests the problem was fixed in July, 2014 in version 3.70.xC8. Our test was done using 4.10.TC2DE, which has an older date (August, 2013).

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