WinSQL 10

Many new features and updates to existing features have been added in Version 10.0. These changes are listed below.

32 and 64 bit

WinSQL 10 is available for both 32 as well as 64 bit. The new feature allows developers to use 64 bit drivers if available. ODBC drivers load in the same memory space as the client application and therefore, only work with applications that match with their bit architecture. Previous versions of WinSQL were only available for 32-bit, forcing users to use a 32-bit driver. Starting from version 10, users have a choice of using either 32 or 64 drivers.

Auto-Save Sessions

WinSQL 10 saves last working sessions automatically, allowing users to start their work exactly where they left off. This feature not only saves queries, but also saves result grids and error messages. There is no need to save every file or query set, WinSQL will save them for you.

100% Unicode Compatible

Version 10 is 100% unicode compatible, allowing users to use non-English in their queries as well as results.

Enhanced Interface

The new and improved interface allow users to easily access opened connection. Named Query panel is nicely tucked in the right hand side, giving more room for writing queries.

E/R Diagrams

Entity relationship diagrams are now part of the catalog, making them easier to access than ever before.

Performance Enhancements

Version 10 offers significant performance enhancements over its predecessors, allowing users to start working immediately after establishing a connection. This new version can optionally fetch database catalog using a secondary thread. A blue icon is displayed in the status bar while this asynchronous fetching is in progress.

A blue icon is displayed when WinSQL is fetching catalog in the background.

Same icon turns green once catalog is fetched completely.


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