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Document ID: 1286
Subject: Task 'No name' ran successfully - why do I see this as email subject
Creation date: 3/17/10 11:54 AM
Last modified on: 3/17/10 12:03 PM

Task 'No Name' ran successfully

WinSQL tries to send the Task Name when it generates emails for scheduled tasks. The name of this task is stored in a script that is used by WinSQL to generate the subject line of an email. Older versions of WinSQL did not have the task name in the script. If the task name is not found in the script, WinSQL replaces the name with the phrase "No name". This scenario occurs when you created a task using an older version and the newer version is generating status emails.

Follow the steps below to see this script.
  • Open Task scheduler
  • Right click on any task and select View Script. Refer to the image below.

Fixing the problem

To fix this problem, try modifying the task again. Double click the task to bring up the Task editor and without changing anything click OK. This will recreate the script in the back-ground putting the task name where it should be.

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