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Subject: SynaMan/Syncrify won't start on Ubuntu/Debian after reboot
Creation date: 7/30/10 9:48 AM
Last modified on: 12/12/18 4:00 PM

Restarting after reboot on Ubuntu/Debian

IMPORTANT: The following topic apply to Syncrify as well as SynaMan.
The installer script for Linux assumes you have chkconfig installed on the system, which is a program that starts a program automatically when a machine boots up. Ubuntu/Debian does not come with chkconfig. Instead, it comes with another program called sysv-rc-conf, which is almost identical to chkconfig.

Following steps demonstrate how to add Syncrify or SynaMan using sysv-rc-conf .


  • Open a Terminal window to your Linux machine
  • Type the following command
    sudo sysv-rc-conf

  • If you get an error complaining the program does not exist, run the following command to install sysv-rc-conf on your machine.
    sudo apt-get install sysv-rc-conf
    Once it is installed, try running the following command again.
    sudo sysv-rc-conf

  • Once sysv-rc-conf is running, you see scripts residing in your /etc/init.d folder, allowing you to select the program that can run at different run-levels.

    We recommend you run Syncrify or SynaMan at run-level 2 through 5.

  • Use CNTRL+N to scroll down until you see syncrify or synaman in the list. Then using the arrow keys, navigate to run-level 2 and press the space-bar. Repeat the same steps for run-level 3, 4 and 5. Refer to the image below.

    Using sysv-rc-conf instead of chkconfig on ubuntu
  • Press q to quit this screen
  • Restart your machine and confirm Syncrify/SynaMan is restarts in the back-ground

User comments

Posted by Marko on 6/29/16 2:46 PM

This automatic startup is not working in Kubuntu 16.04.

Posted by Jarno van de Moosdijk on 2/17/13 5:03 AM

Information in this article is incorrect. The /etc/init.d/syncrify file does not contain enough information for it to be interpreted correctly by sysv-rc-conf or update-rc.d. It should start with: ----------------- begin code snippet --------------------- #! /bin/sh ### BEGIN INIT INFO # Provides: syncrify # Required-Start: $network # Required-Stop: # Default-Start: 2 3 4 5 # Default-Stop: # Short-Description: Syncrify - incremental backup ### END INIT INFO ----------------- end code snippet ---------------------

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