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Document ID: 1451
Subject: How to configure firewall on Windows 7
Creation date: 8/5/10 11:06 AM
Last modified on: 8/12/10 5:01 PM

Configuring firewall on Windows 7

When you install Syncrify or SynaMan on any Windows machine, it is quite possible the built-in firewall will prevent users from connecting to your server from other machine.

Following steps demonstrate how to configure the firewall in Windows 7 to allow clients to connect from other machines.
  • Click the Start button and type "firewall" in the search bar

    Open firewall configuration on Windows 7
  • Select Windows Firewall with Advanced Security.
  • The following window will open. Click Inbound Rules
    Select inbound rule in firewall

  • Click New Rule... on the right hand side

    Create new rule
  • Select Port

    Specify rule for a TCP/IP port

  • Specify the port you have configured in Syncrify. By default this is 5800

    Specify the port for firewall

  • Click Allow the connection

    Allow connections

  • Check all three boxes: Domain, Private and Public

    Check all boxes

  • Assign a name for this rule

    Assign a name for firewall rule

  • Finally, click Finish

User comments

Posted by Todd on 2/22/14 8:44 AM

I found enabling the service worked but enabling the port did not.

Posted by Kenfi on 3/2/14 9:22 PM

Hi Todd, Can you share the steps how could you enable the service? Thanks.

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