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Subject:Disabling server-to-client direction
Creation date:5/21/12 11:10 AM
Last modified on:11/12/18 12:08 PM

Disabling Server-To-Client

Syncrify allows users to change backup directions. However, this can be a dangerous option to use if someone inadvertently changes this option from Client-to-Server to Server-to-client, which will replace newer files on the client with older versions on the server.

Steps to disable Server-To-Client

There are two ways to disable Server-to-Client direction:

IMPORTANT The option only has an affect if both Syncrify client and server are newer than v3.2, build 625

  • Individual clients - This is done in Syncrify client and only affects one client.
    • Start Syncrify client
    • Click Options under Tools menu
    • Select Additional Options tab
    • Check Disable client-to-server

  • Globally for every client - This is done in Syncrify server and affects every client. This takes precedence over individual setting.
    • Log in to Syncrify using the admin account
    • Click Configuration and then go to Advanced Configuration
    • Check Disable Server-to-client

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