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Document ID:1450
Subject:Syncrify client connects to the server but generates errors when running backup
Creation date:8/5/10 10:40 AM
Last modified on:12/11/18 11:52 AM

Build number in Syncrify

The Syncrify client talks with the server based on a predetermine communication protocol over HTTP. This protocol is often changed to accommodate for newer features.  Therefore, it is very important you use the same build number on both server and client. When build numbers are not same, you will run into errors.

Checking build number for Syncrify server

  • Connect to the web interface
  • Build number appears in the title bar of your browser. Refer to the image below

  • If your browser is configured to hide the title bar, click on the About link on the login page.

Checking build number for Syncrify server

  • Run Syncrify client
  • Build number appears in the title bar of the application. Refer to the image below

User comments

Posted by dimitry on 6/13/12 1:50 PM

would be nice that clients automatically updates on connecting to the server. an automatic update is not available and the link in the programs on the client side doesn't work all the time...

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