Creating Snapshots on Wasabi

Syncrify allows you to create backup snapshots on an Wasabi Bucket.

Steps to configure Wasabi

Use the following steps to configure an Wasabi bucket.
  • Log in using the admin account into Syncrify Server's web interface
  • Click Configuration
  • Select Cloud Services under More Configuration Options on the upper right hand side
  • Select Wasabi for the Provider field
  • Enter a friendly name. This can be any arbitrary value you decide. Do NOT use any special character or punctuations for this value
  • Enter Access Key ID and Secret Key, which is assigned by Wasabi. See below for instructions.
  • Select a region where your service resides
  • Click Create

Steps to get Access ID and Secret Key

  • The following steps assumes you are familiar with Wasabi and you have already created at least a Trial account with Wasabi. Click here if you do not have an account yet.
  • Log in to your Wasabi account and click Users on the left menu.
  • Create a new user with WasabiFullAccess for Policy
  • Towards the end, it will ask you to download the Access Key and Secret Key. Keep these values in a safe place.
  • Enter these values in Syncrify's web interface


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