Slow Speed For First Backup

Users often complain about Syncrify being slow when files are copied for the first time. In fact, we recommend seeding the data for the first backup. This page lists the reasons why Syncrify cannot backup at full speed for the first backup.

Reason 1 - Validation
Traditionaly copy methods do not confirm the integrity of the files after they have been copied. Syncrify, on the other hand, computes MD5 signatures during transfer to ensure data has been corrupted.
Reason 2 - HTTP Protocol
Traditional file copy methods, such as FTP or SMB transfer files in a single connection. Syncrify opens several HTTP(S) connection when transferring large files. These extra connections, along with extra data for HTTP headers for every connection increases the data size slightly and adds up to the final time.
Reason 3 - HTTPS
When HTTPS is used, every packet gets encrypted adding extra time. Encryption is not used when transfering file using SMB.
Reason 4 - Compression
Syncrify assumes you're transferring files over a slower network. In most cases, compressing data before sending it over a slower network connection can save time. However, compression could have a negative affect on a faster networks. Therefore, disabling compression on a fast newtork will help.
Reason 5 - Firewalls
Occasionally, firewalls are setup to do packet level inspection for HTTP traffic. Consider disabling packet level inspection if enabled on your firewall. Additionally, avoid putting Syncrify Server behind a proxy server.


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