Branded Installer for Syncrify Client on Mac is not Available

When trying to run the branded client installer for Syncrify Client on Mac, you run into errors and cannot install the Client.


On newer Macs, to install an application, the app must have a digital signature. The default (non-branded) Syncrify client can be installed on Mac because it is digitally signed by Synametrics.

When you brand the Syncrify Client, the installer is created with your company name. Synametrics cannot digitally sign the app that belongs to another company. Because of this, the branded installer no longer has a digital signature and thus, Mac will not let you install the application.


First, please go to the download page here for Syncrify Client and download the default Mac client. Run the installer for the Mac client, and finish installing. Once installed, configure the client so that it can successfully connect to your Syncrify Server. Once connected, exit the client, and it will be changed to the branded client after some time.


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