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Subject: File Interruption Scenarios
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What happens when a large file transfer is interrupted?

When transferring large files to the Server, it may take many hours to complete the job depending on the size of the full data set, as well as the speed of the network between the Client and the Server. Here are some scenarios in which a backup is interrupted, and how it affects the overall job.

If the Client machine is shut down completely

This can occur if the Client machine crashes or if the plug is pulled and the machine shuts down completely.

  • 5-hour Timeout Period

    There is a 5-hour timeout period on the Server, which means that if the Client computer is sleeping for more than 5 hours, then the backup job will be considered terminated. The next backup will have to start from the beginning. (NOTE: This is also the case if the network somehow crashes, and it is unable to establish a connection to the server within 5 hours.)

    You also want to consider whether the file exists on the server or not:

    • If you are transferring a brand new file

      When a brand new file is being sent to the server, Syncrify creates an MD5 signature on both ends. If the transfer is interrupted, Syncrify will try to match the MD5 signatures for each file, and it will then continue the backup from where it left off.

    • If you are transferring an existing file

      If the interruption occurs on a file that already exists on the Server, Syncrify will try to match up the MD5 signatures, however if they do not match, the file will have to be transferred in its entirety.

    • In both cases, if the file is different on the Client and on the Server, then the MD5 Signatures will not match, and Syncrify will transfer the entire file starting from the beginning.

If the Client machine goes to sleep

  • If the computer is sleeping for a long time / Client experiences a network crash

    These conditions are very similar to a complete Client machine shutdown. (See the 5-hour Timeout Period in the above section.)

  • If the computer is sleeping for a short period of time

    If the Client is sleeping for only a short period of time and the reconnection is made quickly, then every process involved in the backup job will be paused and the job will resume from where it left off.

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