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Subject:Syncrify shutdown after a few minutes due to invalid license
Creation date:11/2/19 4:37 PM
Last modified on:11/2/19 4:49 PM

Syncrify Shuts Down Due to invalid license

Your Syncrify Server will shut down on its own if there is a licensing issue. It will log the following lines in Syncrify.log.
Terminating Syncrify - reason invalid license.
Shutting down...
Although licenses in Syncrify are perpetual, you must use the version that you were using before your support expired. You get this error if you try using a version of Syncrify that is released AFTER your support expired.

Consider the following example:
  • You purchase 5 copies of Syncrify on Jan 01, 2017. The exact build number at that time was v4.0 build 919.
  • Since free support is included for the first year, you will be eligible to upgrade Syncrify until Jan 01, 2018. The exact build number was 949.
  • You have decided not to renew your support contract.
  • On July 01, 2019 you decide to install Syncrify on a brand new machine and download Syncrify from our website. This gives you v4.7 build 1010.
  • You will run into licensing problems when trying to run build 1010 since your support expired back on Jan 01, 2018

Your Options

You have one of two options below:

  • Option 1 - Renew your support contract. This will allow you to use the latest version.
  • Option 2 - Downgrade Syncrify to the last build before your support expired. Please note that we do not keep an archive of every older build. Therefore, we may not be able to give you a download link for an older version.

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