Creating Snapshots on Google Storage

Syncrify allows you to create backup snapshots on an Google Storage.

Steps to configure Storage

Use the following steps to configure an S3 bucket.
  • Log in using the admin account into Syncrify Server's web interface
  • Click Configuration
  • Select Cloud Services under More Configuration Options on the upper right hand side
  • Select Google Cloud Storage for the Provider field
  • Enter a friendly name. This can be any arbitrary value you decide. Do NOT use any special character or punctuations for this value
  • Enter JSON Text, which is a file downloaded from Google. See below for instructions.
  • Click Create

Steps to get JSON File

  • The following steps assumes you are familiar with Google Cloud Services and Storage Buckets in particular. It also assumes you have already have an account with Google. Click here if you do not have an account yet.
  • Log in to your Google account and click Storage on the left panel. Select Create Bucket.
  • Create a new bucket and give it a new name and assign the closest region.
  • Go to the Home of Google Cloud Platform (
  • Click Credentials under APIs & Services
  • Click Create credentials and create a new Service account key
  • Select the desired Server account and chose JSON for Key type
  • Click Create, which will download a file.
  • Open this downloaded file in any text editor, such as Notepad and copy/paste the contents into Syncrify's web interface


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