A Firewall/AntiVirus was detected when communicating with Syncrify Server

Syncrify Client communicates with Syncrify Server over HTTP(S). Many firewalls and/or antivirus software try to inspect this communication. We strongly recommend you configure this firewall/antivirus to exclude the TCP/IP port used by Syncrify Server from being inspected.

There are two reasons for this:

  1. When TCP/IP packet inspection is enabled on the port that is used by Syncrify Server, every message sent in between the client and server will be inspected. This will tremendously reduce the scalability of your data transfers.

  2. Hundreds of thousands of packets are sent during a typical synchronization job. Due to the high rate of traffic, it is likely some of the packets will be either lost or modified by the firewall before they reach their destination. This results in unpredictable errors on the server's end.

    For example, before sending a string of characters, Syncrify client sends the length of that message to the server allowing memory allocation on the destination. A corrupted message could result in an extremely high value for this incoming string. This results in Out-of-memory errors in Syncrify Server.

Configuring your Firewall

Every firewall is different. Refer to this page to see a list of a few common firewalls and how to configure them.


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