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Document ID: 5221
Subject: Logging backup events to Windows Event Viewer
Creation date: 6/14/18 12:48 PM
Last modified on: 6/14/18 12:48 PM

Logging backup events to Windows Event Viewer

Syncrify adds entries into Windows System Logs that can be viewer by Event Viewer. Following table describes each entry. These events get logged in the Application node within the event viewer. See image below.


Event Log IDDescription
100 Backup started
101 Backup ran successfully
102 Backup ran with at least one error
200 Unable to connect to remote server
201 Server ran out of licenses
202 Authentication failed
203 Build number of Syncrify server is older than Syncrify client. Upgrade the server to match the build number.
205 Invalid license
206 Internal server error. Check Syncrify.log on the server's end for details

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