Disk Savings by Storing Older Versions as Deltas

It is common for administrators to store multiple versions of files, allowing the end-user to restore an older version if the latest version is corrupted. Consider the following example, when this is very useful.

  • You're backing up MS SQL Server every day, which is around 15GB.
  • Company policy requires keeping at least 10 copies of the database, in case a rollback is needed.
  • Holding 10 copies of a 15GB file would normally consume 150GB of disk space.

Using Deltas

By default, Syncrify stores previous versions as deltas - meaning the most recent version is stored in its entirety but only binary changes are stored for previous versions. In most cases, only a fraction of 15GB is modified on a daily basis, and therefore, older versions will consume a fraction of disk space.

Starting from v5.4, Syncrify server displays the amount of disk space saved by storing the previous version of files as delta.


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